How much quilting is too much?

Have you ever entered a quilt to a quilt show and gotten a comment back from a judge or two stating that it needed more quilting?

A few months ago,my mom and I took a landscape class offered at the quilt guild that I belong to. I thought I’d share a couple “in progress” photos. Most of the applique is done, as well as most of the quilting. I’m trying to learn and practice quiltiing different designs.

Originally I had the idea of quilting whispy clouds and “breezes”. When I finished quilting the sky, I showed my mom and asked what she thought. She liked it, but suggested that I do more quilting in the sky because that’s what the judges like. At first, I said that I was quilting it for me and this was how I envisioned it. I didn’t want it to have heavy dense quilting. Then, I thougth about it, and decided to add more stitching. The whole point in taking a class is to learn new things and step outside my comfort zone.

Lighthouse landscape more quilting

I have to say, this is the first time I’ve quilted something, taken a photo, then added more quilting. It’s interesting to compare the two ideas.

I got the inspiration by googling “sky quilting designs” and coming across an image of Angela Walters’s “Busy City Quilt”. Although I’m not entirely thrilled with the quilting I did here, I’m pleased that I tried something different.

What do you think? Do you like the “less quiling” version or the “more quilting version? I’d love to hear which version you prefer? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section. There’s no right or wrong. That’s the beauty of quilting!

I still have to add some fence posts and a little more quilting on this project. I’ll post another picture when it is finally done and let you know which version I prefer.  I’ll post a photo of my mom’s finished lighthouse too.

Things that make me smile:

  • Great food and dancing with Jim at the River Grill along the water. This was the last weekend they were open until next spring. The fish tacos were excellent!
  • A beautiful sunny day picking apples in Niagara County at Baker Farm Market.
  • All the homemade applesauce, apple pie, apple cake, etc. made from the fresh apples!

Let’s go spread some sunshine!


4 thoughts on “How much quilting is too much?

  1. I like the more-quilting version better. Doesn’t the quilted piece hold together better with equal amounts of poofiness? (says the non-quilter)

    • Actually, the label on each type of batting tells you the maximum distance you can have between stitches to hold your piece together. This piece has more than enough quilting to meet the requirements for this batting. Also, this project is fairly small – only 14″ x 19″. Since it’s a wall-hanging, and therefore will not get washed frequently, it requires even less quilting. As for the poofiness, as long as you meet the minimum requirements to hold the batting in place, you can stitch as densely or loosely as you like to get the desired effect. Thanks for the great question! I love hearing from my non-quilting friends!

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