AQS Syracuse 2015 Favorites: Counting Fish by Yiting Lin

“Counting Fish” by Yiting Lin

My mom and I went to the AQS Quilt show in Syracuse at the end of last month. There were many gorgeous quilts. Yiting Lin’s “Counting Fish” was one of my favorites.  For those of you familiar with the Storm at Sea quilt pattern, you may recognize it in this wall hanging.



I love the way the quilter just changed the colors of certain pieces to add fish. And shaping the whole piece like a fish bowl is the perfect finish!




There are tons of embellishments in this quilt.  All sorts of shapes and sizes and textures of embellishments are used to create the idea of bubbles. Some “bubbles” are escaping the fishes mouths and some just float and swirl about.


Did you see who was “Counting Fish” by peeking into the bowl, from the bottom right? I don’t think I saw the cat the first time I looked at this quilt in the show. I remember wondering what the 2 green squares were supposed to be. Sometimes these things are easier seen when looking in through the camera lens.


Things that make me smile:

  • A quilt show vacation with mom, especially when we see fellow guild members!
  • Fresh picked tomatoes.
  • Roller skating. Yes, I said “skating” not “blading”. I still have my roller skates from the 1980’s and I’m not afraid to use them. I went roller blading once about 10 years ago. It was not a good experience. I will try it again, but not until I get some knee pads and elbow pads. Besides, it feels good to say I could still wear something I wore in high school.

Let’s go spread some sunshine!


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