More Christmas Quilt Guild Exchanges

Cool Caddy from Kathi!

Cool Caddy from Kathi!

I love this cool bag that my friend Kathi made for me for our guild’s Secret Santa exchange! The fabric is beautiful. The photos just don’t do it justice.
Secret Sister Santa close-upKathi quilted the fabric using a serpentine stitch with her walking foot. I think it was a technique she learned in a Craftsy class. The hand-stitching is a wonderful accent. She made the straps adjustable so I could decide the strap length for myself.

Our guild has around 100 members. Not all of them participate in the exchange at Christmas. Some years we’ve done a Secret Santa exchange where we knew who we were making something for and some years we just make a gift not knowing who will receive it. Oddly enough, I have been the happy recipient of Kathi’s work on more than 1 occasion.

Needle case by Kathi

Needle case by Kathi

A few years back I received this cute needle case from Kathi in an exchange. I think she said she made it from a towel. She hand stitched the outlines on the cherries and leaves. Inside she put 2 pockes in it and a couple pieces of felt to store pins and needles. A pretty red ribbon keeps it tied closed.

I can’t help but think of a quote from a favorite t.v. show as I look at the contents:

needle case inside view

“Pins and needles. Needles and pins. A happy man is a man that grins.”

Do you have any idea what character on what show said those words? Think about it and I’ll reveal the answer in my next post.

Things that make me smile:

  • Seeing retirees and hearing how they are enjoying life! (This weekend I got to see my boss from 22 years ago and his wife. Even though they are parishioners at my church I usually only see them once or twice a year at fundraisers for local charities)
  • Having breakfast for dinner
  • Hibernating in the sewing room

Let’s go spread some sunshine!


3 thoughts on “More Christmas Quilt Guild Exchanges

  1. I loved making the Sewing bag per Melanie Testa for you! Also, the needlebook was from a vintage towel. It’s such a pleasure to make things for people that know what it means!

  2. That bag looks cool. Is it to tie on to something? If so, it looks like the perfect thing I was thinking of getting for my Mom: a bag for the front of her walker.

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