Mom’s Yo-Yo Coverlet

Moms Yo-Yo Coverlet

Moms Yo-Yo Coverlet

In February, I posted a few pictures of the yo-yo’s that my mom had been making. She’s finally gotten enough of them sewn together to cover her bed! She said she might add more yo-yo’s to make it bigger, but she was anxious to get it on the bed in timer for it to be her summer coverlet.

Yo-Yo Close-up

Yo-Yo Close-up


There’s definitely over 1,000 yo-yo’s, possibly close to 1,500! She tried to use as many different fabrics as possible.

Hand Embroidered bird by Maria Giunta

Hand Embroidered bird


The delightful birds on the pillowcases were hand embroidered by a mysterious member of my very good friend Mary-Louise’s family. I say mysterious, because I thought it was her mother, but she thought it might have been her sister, Jo-Ann. Mary-Louise gave them to me recently and the yellow color happened to go perfectly with the yellow walls of my mom’s bedroom. And since her bedroom also serves as our sewing room, I get to see them whenever I am sewing.








Things that make me smile:

  • Doing puzzles with my mom.
  • Jim’s home made apple pie..
  • Finally getting flying geese quilt blocks made right! (more on this later)

Let’s go spread some sunshine!





3 thoughts on “Mom’s Yo-Yo Coverlet

  1. Oh, how very special the yo-yo quilt is! Your wonderful mother has truly created a masterpiece. What a treasure I hope it will be for generations to come. Referring to my earlier comment about my own vintage Joe Yo-Yo Quilt, perhaps she could create some sort of embroidery on the yo-ups which includes a date and her initials somehow.

    I was reminded of my cousins whose mother, my father’s half-sister, passed away a few years ago. Their dad remarried and was purging the home. No one knew who it was in a very old, large, framed photo, so since the cousins all liked the frame, but didn’t care to ask around who it was in the photo, the photo was trashed and the frame retained. As my dad had been given the photo of the only man he knew as a dad but who was not his own biological father, he had given it to this now-deceased half-sister years before her death. We even recalled it hanging on the wall above the old pump-organ she had inherited. Hadn’t the cousins ever asked who the man was in the photo?

    Apparently when she passed, her widower had chucked the photo into a storage room when he gave the living room a facelift for closure and moving on with his life. When my parents learned what became of my cousins’ great-grandfather’s photo and its frame, we were all heart sick. A lesson in communicating the stories behind heirlooms and our family’s history.


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