Question: How to Organize Embroidery and Sewing Supplies…

Answer:  A Shoe Caddy that hangs on a door!20150714_201539

In May we had a great quilt guild meeting where some of our members shared their favorite tips. This is one of the ones I brought in. Fifteen years ago, when I got my first embroidery machine, we made a caddy for our stabilizers in our new owners class. But, it only held 5 stabilizers. Well, let’s just say that in 15 years, I’ve bought more than my fair share of different stabilizers.

One of the best things about this caddy is that you can hang it inside a closet door if you want a clean looking room. I use it mostly for embroidery stabilizers, but you can use it for lots of other things as well.

I know they used to make them out of clear vinyl also.  I remember seeing one years ago that someone had sorted all her scraps by color into the different see-through pockets.

It’s easy to keep the directions in the same pocket as the product. And if you’re not real good at putting things away as soon as you finish using it, you may want to use a safety pin to attach the directions to a sample of the product.


There are a lot of similar products, especially when it comes to fusible webs, etc, that required slightly different iron temperatures. Having the directions right there every time is priceless!

Another option is to put your item in a ziploc bag and label it.

I’ll share some of the other tips soon.




I wish I could say that I’ve been sooooo busy enjoying the beautiful Buffalo summer weather, but I’ve really been locked in a dungeon for the better part of a month. Ok, well, it’s not really a dungeon; it’s a basement. And it’s not really locked. But I have spent far too much time sorting the junk in the basement because we are having it waterproofed soon. We have to get everything away from the walls so they can install drain tile. What better time to do some sorting and tossing? There’s the garage sale pile, the keep pile, and the garbage pile.

It’s fascinating to see how fast some of the “not really worth selling at a garage sale, but I hate to see it put in a landfill” stuff goes. Since our garbage pick up is Monday morning, I put anything that someone might want to the curb early Sunday morning. There’s always someone who’ll come by and grab stuff. I’ll never forget the velvet Jesus on the cross painting. We put that to the curb a couple years ago and it went within an hour! To the neighbor across the street in his 20’s none the less!

Things that make me smile:

  • Cards with good friends.
  • Being in on a surprise visit from my boyfriend’s college friends
  • The Rolling Stones Concert! That was an amazing show!

Let’s go spread some sunshine!


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