Mom’s Yo-Yo Coverlet Progress

Inspired by the yo-yo coverlet and runner that Kate Martin made and showed our quilt guild, my mom started making yo-yo’s. Not knowing how many she would need, she just kept making them. And making them. And making them….Mom's Yo-Yo'sI’m sure it’s been over a year, and she now has well over 1,000 in this bin. She is finally starting to sew them together to make a coverlet for her bed. Mom's  Yo-Yo throw startAlthough I Kate’s coverlet was scrappy with “sashing”, my mom is sewing hers together in a completely random pattern. lt will be the perfect bed cover for the summer.

Things that make me smile:

  • Finding the perfect fabric to make a gift
  • The scenery on the t.v. show Hawaii Five-O. The colors blue and green are so vivid on that show. Especially when it’s so cold outside here, the Hawaiian scenery makes me smile.
  • Blueberry Jello with pears

Let’s go spread some sunshine!




3 thoughts on “Mom’s Yo-Yo Coverlet Progress

  1. EDITED:

    My husband bought me a vintage yo-yo quilt constructed of more than 3,500 yo-yos made from calico flour sacks, solid teal and solid cream. On the back of one of the yo-yos was stitched “Joe.” Who was Joe? So, it’s the Joe Yo-Yo quilt.

    I deconstructed the yo-yo quilt, making two bed runners with it. For our master bed, I framed the calico yo-yo “blocks” with the solid cream ones. For our guest bed, the aqua yo-yos framed the calico quilt “blocks.”

    Handling these pieces gave me a feeling of connectedness with a great-grandmother of another time and pace. Oh, if the yo-yo quilt could speak…


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