Nolting Longarm Quilting Machines – Made in the USA

Nolting Longarm Quilting Machines - Made in the USA

Nolting Longarm Quilting Machines – Made in the USA

Happy Labor Day to the Quilting Community!

My very first blog post was on Labor Day a few years ago.  I wrote about APQS Longarm Machines which are made in the USA.  Recently I got to use another longarm machine which was also made in the USA – a Nolting Longarm.


I made a quilt for my boyfriend’s daughter to take to her dorm at college, so I had a deadline.  I had less than a week to quilt and bind it.  And this was no small quilt.  The beds in the freshman dorm are Twin XL.  I found a great chart online to help me figure out what size I should make the quilt.  It ended up being approximately 82″ by 106″.

Julie Brandon, a friend that I met through our quilt guild, was kind enough to let me use her Nolting Longarm Machine.  I’ve quilted large quilts on my regular domestic sewing maching, but I never would have been able to do this one without her.

When we loaded the backing on the rack, Julie said it was the largest quilt that had been on her machine since she got it.  Normally I would lay a large quilt out on the living room floor to pin it so I could quilt it on my domestic machine, but this one was just too big.  I could have easily spent a couple hours on just pinning it.

Things that make me smile:

  • Finding more and more products Made in the USA!
  • Trying something new – in this case, using a digital design to quilt a quilt on a longarm. Check back next week to see my thoughts on computerized quitling on a longarm.
  • A wonderful visit with my sister and her husband from Texas!

Let’s go spread some sunshine!

– Melanie



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