Museum Quilt Guild Retreat 2016


A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to spend 4 days on a quilting retreat at Asbury Camp and Retreat Center with my quilt guild.

The first project I worked on was this bag using the One Piece Bag pattern from Fig Tree & Company. It was actually not a difficult pattern to follow, but as usual, I made it more difficult…

I chose a fabric with a directional print to make the bag. If I followed the pattern as it was written, the material on the back of the bag would be upside down. So I made some adjustments by guesstimating where to cut the fabric and sew it back together to have the print on the fabric right side up on both the front and the back of the bag.

IMG_3945I also added a pocket inside so I wouldn’t have to dig into the bottom of the bag for small items.

The directions called for a piece of foam core to give the bag some stabilty and structure by providing a stiff bag bottom. I decided to recycle a hard piece of cardboard from huge box of candy that I won at Christmas. I left the glove in picture on the right side to show just how huge the box was. Of course, there was more packing material than chocolate. The box was probably 3 inches tall and yet there was only 1 layer of chocolates. It was only a 2 lb. 4 oz. box of candy. It truly is a shame that companies feel the need to use so much packaging material for marketing purposes. Most of it will end up in landfills. We can try to reduce the waste by choosing to buy things with less packaging, or we can find a way to re-use the packaging materials.

The directions suggested wrapping the core with batting then making a cover for it. I used a fusible batting and fused it to the fabric, instead, before sewing it into a sleeve for the cardboard.

I did make a couple of mistakes on this project. The worst/ funniest one happend when I put the magnetic snap closure on the bag. I initially put both halves of the clasp on the flap, instead of one half on the flap and the other half on the bag. It was an easy fix to take it out. I was going to cover the 2 small slits in the fabric with a button or some other embellishment, but I decided that it was barely noticeable, so I’m just leaving it as is.

Things that make me smile:

  • Seeing my boyfriend’s daughter on stage. Jim’s oldest daughter was in her high school’s performance of Shrek last weekend. She was fantastic! (As was the rest of the cast, but I do admit a little bias.)
  • 4 days of quilt camp!
  • Re-purposing. Not only do you keep something out of a landfill, but you also save money! No need to buy a piece of foam when you have something else you can use.

Let’s go spread some sunshine!