Hello Quilters, Embroiderers, and Friends! 

Inspired by Leah Day’s 365 Days of Free-Motion Quilting Blog and by my friend Kathi’s blog, I have finally started my own blog.  In the last 15 years quilting has brought me so much joy that I can’t keep it all to myself!  I’ve learned so much by reading other blogs, watching YouTube videos, taking classes, and belonging to a guild.  Yet, there is always more to learn.

In an attempt to have someone to help me use up the fabric that I can’t resist buying, I taught my mom and my aunt to quilt.  Having them help use up the fabric backfired, since now they keep coming home from vacations with exclamations of “Look what we found at a quilt shop!”   What I did find out is that I really enjoy teaching and sharing the tips, tricks, and techniques of quilting.  I think the only thing in quilting that I love more than learning new techniques, is teaching. 

First and foremost, this blog is my way to share quilting and machine embroidery.  While I’m at it, I’ll share some other favorite things too.  Favorite books, quotes, movies, and recipes, to name just a few.

For right now, I plan to post something new every Sunday.  So, check back every Monday to see what’s new at Sunny Day Quilting and Embroidery!   And be sure to post a comment!  I’d love to hear from you !


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