Burlap Heart Update

Burlap Heart UpdatedNever be afraid to rethink a project, even after you finish it. And after you post a photo of it for all the world to see. Since the class samples had a big bow on them, I thought the gold bow would look great. Well… not so much. So, as usual, mom was right. It needed a pop of color. I considered just changing last months post, and deleting the photo with the gold bow, but this blog isn’t by a perfect quilter/ crafter. It’s by a human, who isn’t afraid to make a mistake. Sometimes, it’s a design mistake. Sometimes, it’s a technique or skill that needs improving.

The stems of the flowers are simply stuck through the burlap. There is no glue, so if you’d like to swap them out for another flower, or something else all together, or perhaps nothing at all, you can do it very easily. I’ve donated it to the silent auction at our guild’s next quilt show in October 2016.
To hang the heart, I’ve sewn a piece of ribbon onto the back, attaching it in 4 places. I stitched it down at both sides, but was concerned the ribbon might show if the weight of the burlap pulled it down too much. So I added 2 more tack downs towards the center. This way it can be hung either by 1 spot in the center or by 2 points, on the sides. I thought the weight of the flowers might pull that side down lower, so this should cover all bases.

Things that make me smile:

  • Learning new quilting tips! The program at our last guild meeting was about sharing our favorite tips and tools. Next post, I’ll share a few of my tips for those who aren’t in the Musuem Quilt Guild in Batavia, NY or who just weren’t able to make it to the meeting.
  • My boyfriend’s daughter’s high school jazz choir taking First Place in their division at the Festival of Music in Boston last month. Their concert choir took Second Place in their division. And almost more important, their school’s musicians as a whole won the “Esprit de Corps”. That’s an award given for being the most curteous, paying the most attention to the other musicians, basically good sportsmanship. Their band got at least one award too.
  • Sunny days!

Let’s go spread some sunshine!