Happy Thanksgiving!

"Eat Beef" Tablerunner pattern by Penny Marble

“Eat Beef” Tablerunner
pattern by Penny Marble

This is the third tablerunner I’ve made using Penny Marble’s “Eat Beef” Tablerunner pattern. It’s perfect for Thanksgiving when you have extra leaves in the table to accomodate more people than everyday. This tablerunner measures 18″ wide and 55″ long. I picked up the pattern a few years ago at Mt. Pleasant Quilting Company in York, NY.The pattern included nicely printed signs that say “Give Thanks” and “Eat Beef”. Since this is the third runner I made, I just used pigma pens and muslin to make my own signs. I like that the center block in the runner is simpler, allowing you to put a centerpiece on it without covering the detail of the turkeys. Look for the pattern at your local quilt shop or check out www.pennymarblequilts.com for this and other great patterns.

"Eat Beef" Turkey with detail

“Eat Beef” Turkey with detail

The pattern includes detail that you can add by thread sketching. This is the detail on the first table runner I made using this pattern. This photo shows the “eat beef” sign that came with the original pattern. (I will add the detail to the current runner once the holidays are over. Right now it’s time to get started sewing some Christmas gifts!)


Autum Leaf Hot Pad made by Tracy J.

Autum Leaf Hot Pad made by Tracy J.

Also on our table today are 2 beautiful autumn leaf hot pads made by Tracy J. from our quilt guild. My mom bought them at the silent auction at our quilt show. Every year members make items to donate to the silent auction and all the money raised goes to the veterans at the Genesee County VA Hospital. We raised over $1,000.00 each auction for the last couple of quilt shows.


Thank you for stopping by Sunny Day Quilting today! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Things that make me smile:

  • Time with family and friends
  • Homemade cranberry sauce
  • Stuffing

Let’s go spread some sunshine!



Winter Quilts from the 2014 Stitches in Time Quilt Show

There were so many wonderful winter quilts at the Stitches in Time Quilt Show last month. Here are just a couple of my favorites from the show.

"Yesterday" by Kay Lennon

“Yesterday” by Kay Lennon

Kay Lennon’s “Yesterday” is a great example of how to use a panel that you would hate to cut up. Yes, you do cut it, but you get to keep the integrity of the panel and add interest by piecing the window frames. Kay gave the piece even more interest by

detail on "Yesterday" by Kay Lennon

detail on “Yesterday” by Kay Lennon

adding details with jingle bells and beads. There are jingle bells on the horses, white beads on the snow, snow flake shaped beads on the window frame, just to name a few details. Quilting should always enhance a quilt top, not distract from it. Kay quilted it herself and did a great job. The quilting makes the snow look light and fluffy. I kept stopping to look at this quilt throughout the show. Each time I found a new detail. I still don’t know which detail I like best!

Another favorite of mine was Trudy Kutter’s “No School – It’s a Snow Day” which won an Honorable Mention award at the show. The pattern is called “Snow Days” by Janet Locey. When you compliment Trudy on the quilt, she will immediatey tell you that it was a kit as if she didn’t do anything. Don’t let her fool you. She may have picked it up as a kit, but it did not cut and sew itself. She really did a great job. Her points are perfect.

No School - Its a Snow Day by Trudy Kutter

No School – Its a Snow Day by Trudy Kutter

She found the kit at Mt. Pleasant Quilting Company in York, New York. It’s a great shop that I wish I lived closer to. On Saturday, November 15th they are having a Holiday Open House Extravaganza from 10 to 4. They’ll have some quick projects that you can make for Christmas gifts as well as some sweet treats!  Check it out if you have time that day!

Things that make me smile:

  • Watching kids jump into a huge pile of leaves.
  • Being a kid again and jumping into the leaves too.
  • Playing the card game Spoons.

Let’s go spread some sunshine!


The Digby Quilt

In 2009 I went to Nova Scotia, Canada with my mom and  aunt and uncle. As on all our vacations, we ventured into the local quilt shop. I thought it would be nice to make a quilt to commemorate our trip. I found a gorgeous pack of batik fabric that was pre-cut into 2-1/2″ strips. It might have been the first time I saw a Bali Pop fabric pack. What a great idea! Have someone else cut the strips so I can get to the sewing quicker! This one was called Strawberry Fields by Hoffman Fabrics. I also bought the pattern to make this quilt at the same shop. I had planned on making it as soon as I got home….

"The Digby Quilt" by Melanie Watson

“The Digby Quilt”
by Melanie Watson

I finally finished it this year as part of our quilt guild’s challenge to see what we could finish for the quilt show. I actually finished this one with time to spare since I decided to stop over thinking it.

Lighthouse at Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada

Lighthouse at Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada


I had very grandiose plans to digitize the lighthouse in Digby and and some of the other lighthouses that we saw on our trip. My idea was to make extra blocks using 1 piece of light colored batik in the centers bordered by darker batiks. I thought I could embroider the lighthouses in the centers of those additional blocks. Maybe add some applique silhoulettes in black on those blocks or over some of the blocks after it was pieced.



After several years not finding time to digitize, I decided it was time to make the quilt anyway. I could wait, possibly years, until I “find time” to digitize the lighthouses, or I could make the quilt. I could keep dreaming of the “perfect” way to memorialize a great vacation, or I could make a beautiful quilt and actually use it!

Mom and I in front of the Digby Scallop Trawlers

Mom and I in front of the Digby Scallop Trawlers

I thought the quilt needed a little something extra when I finished it. At first, I went back to the idea of adding black silhouttes of lighthouses and seagulls and scallops. Ultimately, I decided that no matter where I added a silhouette, I would be covering up the beautiful batik fabric that I so loved. Instead, I took a real leap and cut the edge in a random curve with the rotary cutter. I thought that scalloping the edge would be appropriate since Digby, Nova Scotia is known for its scallops. I learned a valuable lesson. I’d heard of bias binding, but it seemed like more work than necessary for the average quilt. So, I’d always cut my binding straight, not at the 45 degree angle. As I was sewing the binding on, I vaguely remembered hearing that you cut the binding on the bias when you need to go around curves.  Well, my binding isn’t perfect, but I’m still happy with it. Lesson learned.

Things that make me smile:

  • Being in a quilt guild. If you are a quilter and you are not in a guild, then you are missing out. After all, if not for the guild challenge, the fabric and pattern for “The Digby Quilt” would probably still be in their original packages.

Let’s go spread some sunshine!


Stitches in Time 2014 – Museum Quilt Guild Show

The Museum Quilt Guild hosted their biennial quilt show, Stitches in Time last month. It was a fantastic show with a wide variety of techniques and styles.

“Using My Stash” by Jean Butzer Best of Show

I wish I had a better picture of Jean Butzer’s “Using My Stash” which won best of show.


Her piecing is perfect! She used about 385 fabrics from her stash without needing to by more! Sometimes our non-quilting friends don’t understand the concept of the “stash”. Jean has given a beautiful example of why we don’t get rid of our leftovers.

Our guild has so many great quilters! They vary in style from traditional to modern. Choosing quilts to vote for for the Viewer’s Choice Award was very difficult because it’s like comparing apples and oranges. How can you compare perfect piecing, awesome applique, and amazing art quilts? Nancy Bush’s “Grandma’s Flower Garden” is one of the ones that caught my eye.

"Grandma's Flower Garden" by Nancy Bush

“Grandma’s Flower Garden” by Nancy Bush

Nancy’s quilt was done in wool and won the award for Large Quilt Mixed Technique. In addition to the beautiful applique done in wool, Nancy did a great job of putting prairie points as a border.


The award was well deserved. Each Sunbonnet Sue was different. I confess that I’ve never been one to seek out Sunbonnet Sue quilts but I couldn’t seem to get enough of this one. I just kept going back to it and seeing a different fabric or trim each time. It was so mesmerizing that you will definitely see my attempt at something inspired by it in the 2016 show.

You can be sure that I will pay more attention to how I take photos at future quilt shows. The borders on both Jean’s and Nancy’s quilts complemented the quilts beautifully.

Things that make me smile:

  • Seeing a variety of styles and techniques at a quilt show
  • Time spent with fellow quilters

Let’s go spread some sunshine!