Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today!

Today has been a wonderful day spent with quilters and their quilts!  It started with our regular monthly quilt guild meeting in Batavia for the Museum Quilt Guild.  The program was about the art of getting unstuck.  We were asked to bring in projects that we were stuck on and see what suggestions other members had to get us unstuck.  My mom and I each brought in a UFO. (In quilting lingo that’s an Un-Finished Object.  I’ve often been asked by non-quilters why we would start another project before finishing one we’ve started.  Quilting is kind of like a buffet.  Everything looks sooooo good, you just want to try it all.  So you take a little bit of everything and put it on your plate, but you run out of time before you get to finish it.  The good news is that tomorrow you get the plate back and can work on it some more, but there’s always another buffet with more tempting treats!)  I’ll post some photos of our projects in the future, as we work on them.

After the meeting, I went to the Lake to Lake guild’s quilt show in Phelps, NY with my mom and our friend Kathi.  It was a small show but there were many awesome quilts!  Here are a just few of my favorites.

My Favorite Door by Sally Acomb

My Favorite Door
by Sally Acomb


Sally Acomb’s “My Favorite Door” was my favorite Art Quilt entry.  The label said it was made up of parts of the 23 houses she lived in. I love the way she used specific fabric in the trim.





My Favorite Door Detail

My Favorite Door Detail





The pebbling quilting in the walkway, the individual leaves on the tall tree, the plants around the entry…  I don’t know what part I like best.  It might just be the lace curtains in the windows!




We were happy to see Florine Meredith and several of her quilts.  Florine used to belong to the Museum Quilt Guild with us before she moved.  Of her several quilts in the show, this quilt stood out for me because it uses all sorts of the decorative stitches that our machines can do.  We get so used to using a straight stitch that about the only time we think to use anything is is when we use the blanket stitch for applique.

My Learning Quilt by Florine Meredith

My Learning Quilt
by Florine Meredith

Florine said this was a block of the month class at Quilter’s Corner in Ithaca, NY.  She started it in 2009 and finished it in 2013 – I doubt the class took that long – It’s not uncommon for the detailed quilts to take years to finish.  When you put so much work into each block, you just don’t want to rush the process of putting them together.

The Learning Quilt detail

The Learning Quilt detail



The photo really doesn’t do the detail justice.



The Learning Quilt Detail

The Learning Quilt Detail




The pattern is Stitcher’s Garden by Lynda Howell.  Florine said it is such a popular class that it is still being taught at Quilter’s Corner in Ithaca.  I wish I lived closer because I would love to take it!




You may remember that in January the Quilter’s Consortium of New York State had a challenge called Stitching New York.  I entered a photo quilt of the Chimney Bluffs on Lake Ontario.  All the quilts were judged and are available for show at member guild quilt shows.  Here are a couple that were on display this weekend.

The Fruit of New York State by Pamela M. Pandolfi

The Fruit of New York State
by Pamela M. Pandolfi


Best Interpretation of Theme was well deserved by Pamela M. Pandolfi’s “The Fruit of New York State”.





Explore New York by Linda Bushart

Explore New York
by Linda Bushart


First Place Traditional went to Linda Bushart.  I really liked this one as well.





I encourage you to go to as many quilt shows as possible!  Photos are nice, but nothing compares to seeing the stitching, textures, and colors in person.

As we were leaving the show, I noticed the painted windows on the school.  I have loved quotes since I was a teenager and this one really struck a chord with me.


How cool would it be if everyone in the world made it their goal to make at least one person smile every day?

Things that make me smile:

  • Finding good home cooking spots (I recommend the Blue Bonnet Smokehouse and Bakery if you’re in Phelps, NY – the smoked baby back ribs and fresh baked rhubarb pie are excellent!)

Let’s go spread some sunshine!