Denim Purse from an Old Skirt

If you’re looking for a way to re-use old denim, why not make a purse?  Several years ago I found an old skirt at Salvation Army that I knew would make a great bag. 


Denim Skirt Purse

 I wish I had taken a photograph before hand but I had no plans back then to someday have a blog.  It was a wrap around skirt with the fringe draping nicely across the front of the skirt as it overlapped the other half of the skirt.  at the same angle it is on the purse.  Part of the simplicity of using old clothes is that you can simplify by utilizing the finished edges.  I’ve used the waistband on the jeans in the past as the opening for a bag, but in this case, the fringe added a cool texture and very unique look without all the work of making fringe.  If I didn’t want to add a lining, all I would have had to do was cut and sew up the side.  Since the denim was very thin, I wanted to give a little extra support to the bag by adding a lining.

Dragonfly Detail on Denim Purse


I thought it needed a little something extra, so I added the dragonfly using my embroidery machine. 

I’m happy to say that my very good friend Mary-Louise loves her new bag!





 Next time you’re at a Sally Ann’s (our upscale nickname for Salvation Army), or Goodwill, or a rummage sale, take a look at some of the old clothes and see if anything speaks to you!  You get a one of a kind item and you can give new life to an old piece while keeping it from finding it’s way to a landfill for at least a little while longer in the process. 

On a related topic, this Sunday there’s a wearable art fashion show called Evolution taking place in a castle in Tonawanda, NY.  It’s a benefit for the Impact Art Gallery in Buffalo.  I’m not sure if all the clothes in it are made from recycled materials, but I know some of them are.  My boyfriend’s daughters, Hayley and Miranda, are models in the fashion show.  They are both wearing beautiful blue dresses made of architect’s mylar blueprints.  Hayley’s dress makes her look like a mermaid.  Miranda’s dress is made with trash bags as well as the mylar blueprints and makes her look like a princess.  I’ve posted a link below to the spot they had on AM Buffalo earlier this week.  Once you click the think you’ll have to hit the play button on the video to watch it.

 Let me know if you go to the fashion show.  I’d love to hear what you think of it!  Also, I’m giving you all more time to come up with where you think the name Sunny Days comes from.  Next post, I’ll reveal the answer.

Things that make me smile:

  • My boyfriend’s daughters
  • And of course, my boyfriend 

Let’s go spread some sunshine!