Happy Labor Day!

Buy American

Hello Quilting and Embroidery World!  My name is Melanie and I’ve been quilting for about 15 years.  After reading quilting blogs the last several years I’ve finally taken the plunge to start one.

Why make my first post today, on a national holiday?  What better time to remind people that some of our best quilting tools are made right here in the USA?  We often think of where the car we drive was manufactured.  What does that relate to in the world of quilting?  What is the most expensive item a quilter will buy?  The sewing machine, of course! 

 One of the machines that I currently have my eye on is APQS George machine.  

APQS George Long Arm Quilting Machine

“George” Long Arm Quilting Machine by APQS

APQS has been handcrafting their machines at their factory in Carroll, Iowa for over 30 years. They specialize in long-arm quilting machines.  The George model is a long-arm machine that you actually sit down at to use!  Check out their website at http://www.apqs.com  to see the variety of traditional style long-arm quilting machines as well as the newer style sit down machine they make and find a dealer near you! 

One of APQS’ competitors touts a sit-down long arm as being “assembled in the US”.  Beware of wording that says “assembled”.  That means that most, if not all, of the components were made elsewhere.  The final assembly of the product might be in the US, but that might represent a small portion of the hours actually spent manufacturing the product.

One of the best ways to bring jobs back to the US is to check the labels of everything we shop for.  We usually think of the big things like cars.  Sometimes we remember to check the labels when we buy clothes.  It is becoming more and more difficult to find American made products because the manufacturers can make such a big profit by using cheap labor overseas.  We need to remind the companies that use cheap labor that we want jobs here.  If we were asked whether we wanted jobs here or not, the answer is obvious.  Consider shopping like voting.  Every time you pick something up in a store, check the label.  Where was it made?  If the answer is not here in the US, then look at the item next to it on the shelf.  You’ll be surprised to see that sometimes the American product is just 5 or 10 cents more.  Sometimes it’s even cheaper!  With the school year on our doorstep, start with checking out the “made in” label on the back of the notebooks and school supplies you are purchasing.  As I continue to write this blog I will mention whenever I find quality American made quilting and embroidery products. 

So as you celebrate this holiday with family and friends, take time to remember those who have worked hard toward making this country great.  Thank you to all who have worked hard to give us decent wages and benefits!  And remember to Buy American!